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Capacity Bookkeeping was conceived by consultants and raised in the 21st century. Our bookkeeping services utilize a software built for business owners, not accountants. It is designed to work the way business owners think and operate, while giving them the opportunity to access real-time data to make impactful decisions.

The application is accessible 24/7 from any device and the benefit of tracking data trends alleviates reporting woes, while offering unprecedented business intelligence. Our pricing is competitive and our services are catered to the needs of each client. Contact us today to see how we can help improve your business.

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Payroll made Easy

Seamlessly integrate your accounting and payroll functions for contractors or employees including direct deposit. The stress and risk of manually filing payroll taxes is eliminated. The option to authorize employee portal access is available.

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Streamline your Stock

Setup, categorize, track and account for inventory flow. Real time inventory management provides a better understanding of your financials helping ensure you control the flow of cash. Always know what’s in stock and when to reorder.

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Automate your Invoicing

Ensure your business is quickly paid. Tracking the payment process is available real-time. Cash flow management made simpler.

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A World of Possibilities

Payment Processing

Seamlessly link to applications like Square and PayPal so all your income detail is in one place.


Sink up with applications like Sales Force or Sugar.

Time Tracking

Sync up all your employees’ time tracking with applications like Workflow Max or Harvest.

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All of your finances are presented in an easy to use dashboard available from anywhere, at any time. Input is painless, connect your bank accounts for automatic upload or just send statement and we’ll take care of the rest. Sit back and keep track of your finances with real-time reporting, online.


With bank level security your data is safely stored in the cloud and backed up with multiple locations and firewalls. Biometric systems and 24/7 onsite security guards protect your data around the clock and all protocols are audited by third party experts.


Our competitive advantage isn’t just great bookkeeping. Our staff is trained to analyze data allowing them to see opportunities for your business. Our bookkeepers are educated at top North American universities and understand finance, accounting and strategy.

Equipped for efficiency, we’re more than just bookkeepers.

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