Our Mission Is To Make Your Job Easier So You Can Focus On What Is Really Important.

Capacity Bookkeeping, headquartered in Orange County, NY, was born from management consulting. We are qualified financial professionals that not only keep impeccable books… but also know how to trend and interpret your financial data to spot opportunities.

More than just Bookkeepers, we’re Bookkeepers with Strategic Pedigrees.

Meet our management team.

Eric Egeland CPCU, AU
Eric Egeland CPCU, AUSenior Partner
“We created this company to redefine your expectations of bookkeeping.”
Strategy 96%
Business Planning 88%
Process Improvement 80%
Laurie Dupont-Sherard
Laurie Dupont-SherardSenior Bookkeeper
“Let us take care of your bookkeeping so you can focus on expanding your business.”
Accounting 96%
Bookkeeping 85%
Reconciliation 90%
Michelle Kallman
Michelle KallmanBookkeeper
Non-Profit 51%
Bookkeeping 85%
Reconciliation 90%
Victoria Fontana
Victoria FontanaBookkeeper
“With our expertise, you can focus on taking your business to new heights. Trust us to safeguard your financial health and provide you with peace of mind.”
Law Offices 63%
Bookkeeping 94%
Reconciliation 79%
John Bell
John BellAnalyst
“Your business depends on our accuracy and we deal in the minutia everyday. The devil is in the details, and we’re wicked good.”
Analysis 89%
Finance 83%
Trending 92%
Raquel Egeland
Raquel EgelandBilling & Collections
“We love when our clients are successful and happy. We also understand running a business can be hard. Call me if I can help in any way!”
Billing 94%
Collections 24%
Audit 74%

The Right People for the Job.

Capacity Bookkeeping is more than just your bookkeeper. We are a valued partner committed to your business growth and focused on improving your bottom line. Find out how:

Well Trained

Our staff are trained at top North American Universities, they know their stuff.

Expect More

As top performers, our staff members are always looking for ways to grow your business, as they themselves grow.

Forward Thinking

The team at Capacity is always looking for way to help your bottom line.

Think Less

When you have a partner focused on your financial strategies, you can focus more on the big picture.

Fast & Efficient

Through technology and experience we get things done faster.

Save Money

Working with a team that knows their stuff won’t only save your books, it’ll save you money.
Boost Efficiency capacity bookkeeping

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Streamline your financial data and let us help steer your business.